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Le Studio Catalan

On the top floor of the Mas, with views to both Canigou and Les Aspres is the self-catering air-conditioned Studio Catalan which has a mezzanine level with 2 single beds. With a couple sleeping on a King size bed in the main room, the maximum sleeping capacity is 4 persons. As well as a compact shower room/WC, there is a dining table and a kitchenette with fridge, microwave/oven, electric kettle and an induction hob. There is a wide screen TV with satellite channels, DVD player as well as a pull down cinema screen and ceiling mounted digital projector. The room also has a small library and two comfortable sofas. In view of the stairs to the mezzanine, the studio is not suitable for the elderly, the disabled, or small children. The low sloping roof in the mezzanine should also be taken into account with regard to access to the beds. Please note breakfast is not included as the studio is self catering.

Le Studio Catalan

Low Season (Oct-Mar) 2 persons            €  90/night

Low Season (Oct-Mar) 3 persons            €100/night

Low Season (Oct-Mar) 4 persons            €110/night

Shoulder Season (Apr-Jun) 2 persons    € 100/night

Shoulder Season (Apr-Jun) 3 persons    € 110/night

Shoulder Season (Apr-Jun) 4 persons    € 120/night

High Season (Jul-Sep) 2 persons             € 110/night

High Season (Jul-Sep) 3 persons             € 120/night

High Season (Jul-Sep) 4 persons.           € 130/night

Reserve maintenant
Reserve maintenant
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